A startup company that creates innovative blockchain cybersecurity solutions to support enterprises, governments, or other organizations to elevate their business to a secure environment in the blink of an eye.

CYBERDEFENSE AI invests 60% of its turnover in operational R&D to provide solutions to the hundreds of products requiring an increase in the level of software security to upgrade their technological resiliency.



At CYBERDEFENSE AI, we believe that our primary responsibility is to our partners and theirs, including all our combined customers and all other users of our security products and services. To continuously meet the highest standards of our industry, we strive to always add value to our products while reducing our costs and maintaining reasonable prices. Customer requests must be processed quickly and accurately. Partners must be able to achieve a fair profit. We are accountable to the customers with whom we collaborate. We must give them access to the best tools and services on the market while constantly raising their security level.

CYBERDEFENSE AI and our partners are accountable to the employees who work with us and for all our clients. We must create an inclusive work environment in which each person is to be considered as a human being. We must respect their diversity, their dignity and recognize their merit. They must feel safe and have a sense of accomplishment in their work. Their salary must be fair, and their working conditions must be clean, orderly, and safe. We must support the health and well-being of our employees and help them meet their family and personal obligations. Employees should feel free to contribute their suggestions and help shape our organizational culture.

Our ultimate responsibility is to our financial partners. Our associates must make profits that meet their expectations. We must launch new ideas, develop innovative programs, invest in the future, and grow from the challenges we face. We need to be at the forefront in our own respective fields and we must be able to react quickly to any scenario or opportunity. We create and invest to be ready for any hardships. When we apply these principles, our funding partners should achieve a fair return.


Disruptive Technology

The CYBERDEFENSE AI, R&D Operational team brings together leading global expertise from the Blockchain industry, Artificial Intelligence, academia, and cybersecurity partners. We are active all over the world. We work closely with our partners to identify and collaborate with emerging startups. We team-up with the leading universities in cyberdefense, high performance computing and advanced analytics. We also collaborate closely with our partners on the Blockchain lines to provide critical insights that help our clients develop holistic, mission focused Blockchain security and active defense strategies. Our talented security application developers go to the next level to build top Blockchain cyberdefense solutions.

The CYBERDEFENSE AI R&D group develops Blockchain solutions that will improve the resiliency of our clients' cyberdefense strategies and capabilities. With the increasing ingenuity of the many threats worldwide, existing cybersecurity solutions for businesses operate in a highly adversarial environment, and do not answer these businesses' needs in risk management anymore. A new technological frontier will emerge and replace the technology of the last decades.

Research and Development

CYBERDEFENSE AI develops revolutionary solutions for all organizations. Our passion is to create, in our research and development center, operational security solutions focused on Blockchain, AI and quantum technologies.

Our company, ExO, translates into the know-how of its team in terms of application development of cyberdefense solutions, the pooling of resources and the expertise of the enlarged partners network of This expertise covers all verticals of security: physical security, engineering, space cyberdefense, also including companies specializing in artificial intelligence for the era of quantum security.


Blockchain Suite™

With the collaboration of our partners, CYBERDEFENSE AI (Suite) has developed a new High-End product line that is the cornerstone of our Blockchain strategy. The ultimate protection system for decision makers who manipulate documents (data) that can impact their business, the community, or an entire country.

Blockchain Suite™ - Briefcase is a Blockchain virtual document holder, armored and easy to use, made to protect sensitive documents created with any text editor, CAD or IoT program, until its destruction.

Cyberwall AI

We create innovative Cybersecurity solutions to support enterprises, governments, or other organizations to elevate their business to a secure environment in the blink of an eye.

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